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"This is just the beginning of what we can accomplish if we all do our part. Freedom-loving people can win at anything from the precincts to the presidency."


Brant was born and raised in Georgia.

Brant has served as Second Vice Chairman since 2019.

Before that he served as Chairman of the Coweta Republican Party and as a State Committeeman


Promises Made - Promises Kept

  • Brant promised to build a website or Facebook page for every county party that wanted one and he kept his promise.

  • Brant promised to build a database of potential volunteers for county parties and he kept his promise.

  • Brant promised to fight for a platform for the state party and in June 2020, he kept that promise when as Chairman of the GAGOP Resolutions Committee he lead in the passage of the first platform in the modern history of the GA Republican Party.

Brant is a member of

Georgia Republican Foundation

United Republican Fund

Georgia Carry


GA Right to Life

Eagle Forum 

President's Team

Coweta Young Republicans

Georgia Republican Assembly

Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Georgia Conservatives In Action

Metro Atlanta Republicans

Republican Liberty Caucus

Young Americans for Liberty 

Coweta Tea Party Patriots

Madison Forum

Franklin Roundtable
Republicans for National Renewal


I would be honored by your support. Call or text me anytime at 678-326-9705 - Brant Frost

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