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PROLOGUE: America First - It's A Family Tradition

brantIV cHAIRMAN.png

1987: My father, Brant Frost IV, temporarily left the real estate business to volunteer on the Pat Robertson for President campaign, quickly rising to the position of State Chairman for Robertson in Georgia. 


1988: The Robertson campaign, led by Frost, mobilized thousands of evangelical Christians to become first-time participants in GAGOP conventions and organized a successful takeover of the national delegate election process in Georgia. Party leadership tried to selectively interpret rules to their advantage as well as exclude hundreds of first-time delegates because they were Robertson supporters. In the end, it took a court order, a rump convention, and two delegations being sent to the Republican National Convention in New Orleans before justice was done. The Convention of 1988 would be long remembered by both sides, with Frost becoming the de-facto leader of the anti-establishment ring of the GAGOP.


1991: My father, mother, and grandparents organized fellow Christian Conservatives to win the leadership of the Coweta Republican Party and for the next six years, Coweta elected only conservative, pro-life Republicans to represent it at state and district conventions. 

A photo of my father's campaign page from the 1995-1996 Republican convention where he ran for Chairman of the party as a right-wing conservative candidate. In the 90's he was fighting for those very things that we are finally getting passed into law today. The fight has been long, we have further to go, but I can proudly say that when I stand up for America First values, it's a family tradition.

1992: Frost served as State Chairman of Pat Buchanan for President in Georgia and led the campaign to win the second-highest share of the vote of any primary Buchanan contested. Buchanan’s 1992 campaign and famous “Culture War” speech at the national convention has gone down in history as the start of the America First revolution that led to the election of Donald Trump and the MAGA Movement. 


Frost also served as Campaign Manager of the John Knox Senate campaign, taking a populist conservative mayor of a small town to come within one thousand votes of beating Bob Barr for a spot in the runoff with Paul Coverdell. 


In the November runoff, I'm proud of my father for being a key part of the successful effort to turn out the evangelical and Pro-Life vote for Paul Coverdell, leading to his election as U.S. Senator. 


1993: Frost launched his company First Liberty Building & Loan, and was elected Chairman of the Third District Republican Party. 


1995: Frost ran for Chairman of the GAGOP as the champion of the evangelical wing of the party, against two establishment candidates, narrowly losing to a compromise candidate from the Reaganite wing of the party.

brantIV Postcard backside.png

1996: My dad went on to serve as a senior advisor to the Alan Keyes for President campaign. Keyes was a full-spectrum conservative with an extra strong emphasis on moral and cultural issues. He was the first serious Black Republican candidate for President and built a devoted following among the pro-life wing of the party for his eloquent and impassioned defense of pre-born babies. Keyes was considered the best orator in the GOP at the time. 


1999-2000: He continued his service in the senior leadership of the Gary Bauer for President campaign. Bauer had served in the Reagan Administration and as President of the Family Research Council. Using the FRC network for fundraising and volunteer recruitment, the Bauer campaign shocked the political establishment with a 4th place finish at the Iowa Straw Poll, defeating many better-known candidates, including former vice president Dan Quayle. 

2006: Frost served as senior advisor to the Roy Moore for Governor of Alabama campaign.


2007: Frost was an early supporter of Dr. Paul Broun in his run for Congress. Broun would go on to serve in Congress for 7 years, compiling a voting record as Georgia’s most conservative congressman.  


2007-2008: Frost served as a senior member of Mike Huckabee for President finance committee “Team 100”.   


A New Generation. My Story, my record.

Brant made his first political donation to Tea Party favorite Doug Hoffman in the NY23 special election for Congress, sending a week’s salary to help Hoffman in his race to stop Obamacare. The Conservative Party chose Doug Hoffman as its nominee after three other potential candidates said they would support him, even though Hoffman did not live in the district. The Conservative Party declined to support the Republican Party's nomination of pro-choice, pro-same-sex-marriage, pro-union Assemblymember Dede Scozzafava, who Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long described as a "nice lady who is too liberal."


2009:  At age 18, I made his first public speech at his local Tax Day protest on April 15th, 2009.


I was elected as a delegate to the Third Congressional District Convention and helped to successfully elect future State Senator Josh McKoon as Chairman of the Convention, displacing the current Chairman in a successful effort, one that is historically very rare and difficult. Brant’s reputation as an anti-establishment man was proven early on. Brant has been elected as a delegate to every subsequent District and State Convention. 

2010: Brant served as county chairman for the campaigns of Senator Jeff Chapman for Governor, a populist conservative and favorite of Tea Party Republicans, and Max Wood for Attorney General.  

2011: Brant was elected First Vice Chairman of the Coweta County Republican Party with the support of his local Tea Party Patriots chapter. 


In late 2011, Brant worked closely with Mike Crane in Crane’s successful bid to win a special election to the state senate. Brant went on to serve as a legislative aide to Senator Crane during the 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 sessions of the Georgia General Assembly. Crane was rated the most conservative Senator during his time in the Senate.


2012: In April, Brant was elected by a coalition of Tea Party Patriots and Ron Paul Republicans to represent the Third Congressional District of Georgia to the Republican National Convention in Tampa serving as the youngest delegate from Georgia. Frost carefully studied the party platform and watched all the committee hearings to be prepared to cast his vote. When the Romney campaign tried to strong-arm the convention into centralizing control of the party into their hands, Frost cast a protest vote against Romney at the Convention along with three other delegates from Georgia. 


2013: Brant served as volunteer coordinator for the campaign of David Stover, who went on to serve four terms and become the most conservative member of the State House. 

Brant was elected as Chairman of the Coweta GOP without opposition in March of 2013 after uniting the Tea Party and Liberty wings of the party. Brant was also elected as a GAGOP State Committeeman on April 20, 2013, while leading a successful Tea Party/Liberty Republican takeover of the Third District Republican Party. The Third District has been a stronghold of anti-Establishment Republicanism ever since. 

Brant also started a website,, to educate the grassroots on the benefits of using the GAGOP convention process to help select a nominee for the party. 


2014: Brant supported and worked to elect a slate of candidates in the Republican primary, including:

  • Paul Broun for Senate: Broun was the most conservative member of Congress from Georgia.

  • David Pennington for Governor: Pennington ran as a populist conservative and proto-Donald Trump.

  • Jody Hice for Congress: Hice went on to be a leader in the House Freedom Caucus. 

  • Linda Menk and Jan Horne for Coweta School Board, running on an anti-Common Core platform. 


2015-16: Brant served as state volunteer coordinator for Ted Cruz for President and led Team Cruz to win 32 of 42 district national delegates spots. 

Brant was chosen as the First Vice-President of the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA). 


Brant worked as deputy campaign manager to Mike Crane in his race for Congress. Crane was endorsed by GA Right to Life, the NRA, Tea Party Express, and Congressman Jim Jordan.   


Brant also supported Marlin Stutzman for Senate, the most conservative member of Congress from Indiana.


2017: Brant founded GRA-PAC to concentrate on winning state and local races for grassroots anti-establishment candidates. The PAC grew to be the largest of its kind in Georgia and one of the largest of its kind nationwide. 

Brant served as an advisor and fundraiser for

Roy Moore for Senate, seeing him through to victory in the primary

and runoff before leaving the campaign after the primary.

2018: Brant supported:

  • Hunter Hill for Governor. Hunter was a state senator and was also supported by Ted Cruz, the Georgia Republican Assembly (GRA), and was the top pick of most grassroots GOP activists in Georgia.

  • David Shafer for Lt. Governor. Shafer was endorsed by the GRA, the NRA, Georgia Carry, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and many other conservative leaders and organizations.

  • Josh McKoon for Secretary of State. McKoon was the overwhelming choice of grassroots activists and was almost unanimously endorsed by the GRA.

  • Dan Fischer for Oklahoma Governor. Fischer was a well-known strong advocate of abolishing abortion, a pastor, and a state representative who ran on a platform of abolishing abortion, asserting state sovereignty, etc. 

  • Among others. 


2019: Brant was elected Second Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. He was endorsed by the GRA and Senator Ted Cruz and Congressmen Jody Hice and Paul Broun. 

Brant helped elect Philip Singleton as State Representative in Coweta County. Philip became the top Conservative in the State House during his three years in office. 


2020: Brant supports:

  • Kris Kobach for Senate. Kris Kobach is an ardent Trump supporter and was one of the most conservative candidates in regard to limiting and restricting immigration as Attorney General of Kansas. 

  • Pete D’Abrosca for Congress. D’Abrosca is a Conservative journalist who ran for office in the Outer Banks area of North Carolina. Pete is an avowed conservative who has broken stories on Democrat corruption and Republican inadequacies. Pete also mainstreamed the idea of an Immigration Moratorium through his appearances on Tucker Carlson Tonight. 

  • Chris Ekstrom for Congress. Ran for election in Texas’s 13th Congressional District as a true MAGA Republican

  • Paul Broun for Congress. Broun was one of the most conservative congressional candidates in the state of Georgia. He ran in his old seat, the 10th district, and was a proponent of age-old conservative values.

  • Matt Gurtler for Congress. Gurtler was the most pro-Liberty State legislator in Georgia and is now serving as the Chief of Staff for Thomas Massie

  • Kevin Cooke for Congress. Kevin Cooke was a candidate for Congress with one of the most conservative track records in the Georgia State House.

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress – We all know who MTG is.

  • Jarome Bell for Congress. Bell was a candidate in the Virginia Beach area who is a very conservative activist, commentator, and US Navy Veteran.

  • Mark Robinson for Lt. Governor of North Carolina. Robinson is potentially one of the most conservative Lt. Governors in the country, and his position in North Carolina (with a Democrat governor) was incredibly important. He has been a fighter on cultural and economic issues, fighting big government toasties for the taxpayers.

  • Eric Brakey for Congress. Eric ran for Maine’s 2nd CD and was a true Trump conservative candidate

  • Andrew Clyde for Congress. Andrew Clyde ran in the GA-09 and won, he has since been serving as an ardent conservative in Congress.

  • Rich McCormick for Congress. Dr. Rich McCormick is a decorated veteran and Emergency Room physician who was endorsed by Jim Jordan and the House Freedom Caucus and now serves Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.

Under Brant’s leadership, the Coweta County Republican Party had one of the best GOTV efforts for Trump in 2020.


Brant organized a massive door-to-door GOTV operation in the January Senate Runoff working with volunteers from Texas and Georgia.


2021: Brant served on the Election Confidence Task Force which called for major election reforms in its report, including

  • Requiring photo ID verification for all absentee ballot applications and ballots, ending the legally compromised system of signature verification, to combat ballot harvesting and absentee ballot fraud.

  • Allowing observers at each step of the process, including ballot verification and duplication, with meaningful access, not the sham access allowed under the Secretary of State’s official election bulletins.

  • Allowing videotaping of all election activity except voters casting their ballots.

  • Eliminating unmanned ballot drop boxes (or, alternatively, mandating a strict chain of custody procedure) to combat supposed ballot harvesting and absentee ballot fraud.

  • Removing no-excuse absentee by-mail voting, allowing absentee ballots only for voters who have a specific reason. Current Georgia law is more liberal than New York law.

  • Eliminating third-party and government solicitation of absentee ballot applications. The myriad of solicitations created voter confusion and opens the door to illegal ballot harvesting and fraud.

  • Making “Motor Voter” voter registration at driver's license offices opt-in, rather than automatic, to reduce the number of ineligible voters accidentally added to the voter registration list.

  • Requiring any organization registering voters to first register with the Secretary of State who will maintain a public list of registered organizations and the number of registrations each organization has collected.

  • Replacing all Dominion software with auditable and transparent software.

  • Enacting revolving door ethics restrictions on Secretary of State employees.

  • Prohibiting so-called mobile voting locations, except in the case of a natural disaster. (Mobile voting locations – vans driven around by Fulton County elections workers with bullhorns – are not authorized by the current Georgia Election Code and an open invitation for fraud.)

  • Requiring all third-party election grants to be made to the State Elections Board for uniform distribution throughout the state.

  • Streamlining the process for election contests and giving the Supreme Court original jurisdiction over Presidential election contests.

  • Streamlining the process for voter challenges. County election boards groundlessly ignored or rejected challenges with impunity.

  • Giving the State Board of Elections the power to temporarily appoint county elections superintendents in the event of incompetence or repeated violations of the Election Code.


At the 2021 GAGOP Convention in Jekyll Island, Brant was overwhelmingly re-elected as Second Vice Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party. 



2022: Brant supported:

  • Mo Brooks for Senate. Mo Brooks was the most conservative member of Congress from Alabama and a passionate advocate for the American First platform. 

  • Andrew Sorrell for Alabama Auditor. Andrew was the most conservative member of the Alabama legislature prior to his election. 

  • Sarah Palin for Congress. Palin’s conservative record can not be questioned, her campaign in 2022 was torpedoed by the establishment in Alaska, the same type of Establishment we face here in Georgia today.

  • Eli Crane for Congress. Crane won his race for Congress and was one of the 20 who voted against the Speakership for McCarthy. 

  • Ron DeSantis for Governor. DeSantis has stood up for conservative values in Florida, and I am proud to have supported his reelection effort.

  • Anthony Sabatini for Congress. Sabatini ran for Congress on one of the most pro-American, pro-trump, pro-maga platforms this country has seen. We supported him in 2022 and we’ll support him again in the future.

  • Paul Broun for Congress. Broun was one of the most conservative congressional candidates in the state of Georgia. He ran in his old seat, the 10th district, and was a proponent of age-old conservative values.

  • Timothy Barr for Congress. Conservative State Representative endorsed by Andrew Clyde and Jody Hice. 

  • Patrick Witt for Congress.  Patrick Witt is a close friend and a good conservative who spent time in the Trump White House.

  • Jared Craig for Congress. MAGA Attorney who ran for Congress in the GA 3rd against a member of McCarthy’s leadership team.  

  • David Perdue for Governor. We supported David Perdue against Brian Kemp after the 2022 stolen election debacle.


  • Burt Jones for Lt. Governor. Burt Jones is perhaps one of the most conservative candidates in the executive branch in the state of Georgia, our support for him and his actions taken since have proven us right. Leading the most conservative Senate session in more than 10+ years.

  • Jody Hice for Secretary of State. We supported Jody Hice against Reffensperger after the 2022 election debacle and Reffensperger’s constant attacks on Trump, our Republican Party, and our conservative values.

  • Patrick Witt for Insurance Commissioner. Patrick Witt is a close friend and a good conservative who spent time in the Trump White House.

  • John Gordan for Attorney General. John spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money running to clean up the GA AG’s office.   

  • Bruce Thompson for Labor Commissioner. Bruce was one of the best State Senators prior to his election to clean up the office of Labor Commissioner.  

  • Charlice Byrd for State Representative. Representative Byrd is a hard fighter and Chairwoman of the Georgia House Caucus.

  • David Clark for State Representative. Clark courageously stood up the David Ralston’s corruption in the past and remains a stalwart and courageous State representative.  

  • Kelvin King for Senate.   

  • Josh Clark for Senate.  

  • Colton Moore for State Senate. Colton Moore is a GRA-endorsed GRA member who ran and won his race. He is the most conservative State senator in Georgia. 

  • Sherri Gilligan for State Representative. Sheri was one of the most conservative members of the Georgia State House. 

  • Jackie Harling for State Representative. Harling is the Walker County Chairwomen who ran in 2022 as a GRA-endorsed MAGA candidate for Georgia’s House of Representatives 1st District

  • Scott Herndon for State Senate. Scott Herndon ran in Idaho for state senate and won. His campaign was one of Christian Conservatism and pro-MAGA Republicanism. 

  • Kris Kobach for Attorney General. After his defeat in 2020, Kris Kobach, notoriously ran and won his campaign for AG of Kansas on an anti-immigration and Pro-America First platform  

  • Eric Brakey for State Senate. Eric ran for State Senate District 20 and won in Maine fighting on a Pro-America first campaign.

  • Paul LePage for Governor. LePage ran a campaign focused on the issues facing Maine, primarily the opioid and joblessness problem among the working-class communities.

  • Michael Cassidy for Congress. Cassidy ran the most economically pro-family campaign in 2022 in Mississippi for Congress against a horrible GOP incumbent.

  • J.D. Vance for Senate. Vance has become one of the greatest Conservative Fighters in the Senate.

  • Andy Ogles for Congress. Andy won his race and voted against McCarthy.  

  • Christian Collins for Congress

  • Joe Kent for Congress. Joe Kent was one of the most hated Conservative candidates in the country. He ran against the military-industrial complex, and on a Pro-America First platform.

  • Mike Lee for Senate. Mike Lee is one of the most anti-Big Government senators.

2023: Brant raises funds for the courageous conservatives who stood up to Kevin McCarthy.


Bob Good

Lauren Boebert

Matt Gaetz

Eli Crane

Andy Biggs

Andy Ogles

Andrew Clyde

In August, Brant served on the fundraising team for the campaign of Pastor Dusty Deevers in his successful election to the State Senate.  Deevers has since become a national champion for pro-family issues.



In October, Brant served as a Delegate to the NFRA Convention that endorsed Donald Trump for President. Brant also served as Chairman of the Resolutions Committee of the National Convention of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies that wrote and adopted the most comprehensive platform of any conservative group in modern American history. 

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