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  • Kandiss Taylor, Chairwoman of the First District GOP 

  • Veterans for America First

  • Republicans for National Renewal

  • Sue Everhart, Chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party (2007-2013)

  • Billy Lovett, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party (1993-1995)

  • U.D. Roberts, Former First Vice-Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party

  • Monica Matthews


  • Senator Ted Cruz

  • Congressman Jody Hice

  • Congressman Paul Broun

  • Former Insurance Commissioner Ralph and Suzanne Hudgens 

  • Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols

  • Senator Steve Gooch

  • Senator William Ligon

  • Former Senator Hunter Hill

  • Representative Timothy Barr

  • Representative Sheri Gilligan

  • Representative Matt Gurtler 

  • Representative Ken Pullin




I came into politics totally green 3 years ago when I ran for US Senate, and Brant Frost welcomed me to Coweta County to speak with equal time and respect as all other candidates. I ran for governor and was treated even kinder more like a friend. Brant has gone the extra mile to encourage me in GRA and grassroots efforts throughout both campaigns. Brant Frost has always taken my call or returned it almost immediately. He will set aside whatever he is doing to brainstorm, provide insight, go over rules and regulations, and just listen to benefit the Republican Party. He’s not a yes-man. Brant is a man who loves the GOP and everything we stand for. Is he perfect? No. None of us are perfect, but Brant is honest, hardworking, and kind. He wants the will of the people even if that means his personal top choice loses. When I first started pushing him on elections, cheating, and going to paper, he and I had some deep discussions. Brant listened, researched, and took to heart what I said he knows fair, legal, and secure elections are the only thing to save America. We have lots of new candidates in the state party that will take seats for the first time. This is one seat we need to hold with a Constitutional Conservative who has proven himself loyal to grassroots and to our conservative values. I rarely endorse, but this is one seat we have to retain. Brant Frost has my complete and total endorsement for the 2nd Chair of the GA GOP for the 2023 State Convention. - Kandiss Taylor, Chairwoman of the First District GAGOP


"In my years as a State Party Chair, I worked hard to bring young people into the GOP so the next generation would be prepared to lead when the time came. That time is now, and Brant Frost is that young leader. He has faithfully served the Republican Party, and I am so excited to support him for 2nd vice-chair." - Sue Everhart, Chairwoman of the Georgia Republican Party (2007-2013)


"I am proud to support my friend Brant Frost for Second Vice-Chair of the Georgia Republican Party. Brant is a man of principle who has shown that he is willing to fight for the values we hold dear, and possesses a tireless work ethic. If we are to build a long term conservative Republican majority in America, we need more principled, energetic young leaders who will rally their Millennial generation to the conservative cause. Brant Frost is just such a young leader, and I enthusiastically recommend him to you for Second-Vice Chair of the Georgia Republican Party." - Senator Ted Cruz  


"We need fearless, hard-working constitutional conservatives who will fight for our values. My friend Brant Frost will do a great job as our next Second Vice-Chair and he has my full support." - Congressman Paul Broun


“I have known Brant for many years, and in that time have always been impressed with his principles, knowledge and work ethic. If we are going to preserve the freedoms our founding fathers were willing to die for, we need the next generation to rise to the occasion. Brant Frost is a leader for the next generation, and I am proud to support him.” - Congressman Jody Hice



"I am proud to support my friend Brant Frost for 2nd vice-chair of the Georgia Republican Party. He has been a faithful fighter for the cause of liberty for many years, and will be a great addition to our state leadership." - Senator William Ligon


“I have known Brant from his years of service at the State Capitol and am proud to support him for 2nd vice-chair of the Republican Party. He is a fine young man who will bring a solid work ethic and youthful energy to our party.” - Senate Majority Whip Steve Gooch




“Brant will do a great job as 2nd vice-chair of the state party, and I am honored to support him.” - Representative Ken Pullin


"Before holding elected office, I dedicated my life to finding and mentoring the next generation of leaders. Brant Frost is one of the finest young men I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a hard worker, wise beyond his years, and I am proud to support him for vice-chair of the GAGOP." - Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols


“We have known Brant since he was a young boy, and have watched him grow into a hard-working, principled, leader. We are excited to see him run for vice-chair of the state party and give him our full support.” Ralph & Suzanne Hudgens


“Brant Frost is a dear friend who has been fighting for our values for more than a decade. He will be a great Vice Chairman and has my full support."- Representative Sheri Gilligan


"Brant has been fighting for the cause of liberty for over a decade. I am proud to call him my friend and endorse him for vice-chair of the Georgia Republican Party." - Representative Matt Gurtler 


“Brant will do a great job as 2nd vice-chair of our party, and I am proud to support him.” - Representative Timothy Barr


"As one of the grassroots leader in GA,  it is important to have our grassroots a seat at the State GOP table. With Brant's technology and social media knowledge, he would be a great asset to getting the GOP conservative message out!"  Jeanne Seaver - Current Chairman of the Georgia Grassroots Coalition, Former GA Grassroots Coordinator for Donald J. Trump, Inc. and Conservative Director for Kemp for Governor Campaign. 


"Brant's a go-getter who has the intelligence and the time, to be a great leader in our party. He's got my vote and I hope you will vote for him too." - Chairman Ron Johnson


“Brant is a fine young man who will do our state and party proud. He has the vision to ensure that our party is successful for years to come.” --- Billy Lovett, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party (1993-1995)


"I am supporting Brant Frost for GAGOP Second Vice-Chair. Over twenty years ago I wrote this op-ed I found and think it reflects the character of Brant and his dad and family. Please join me in supporting Brant!  - U.D. Roberts, former First Vice Chairman GAGOP."


“I am happy to support my friend Brant for vice-chair of the Georgia Republican Party! He is smart, extremely hard-working, and a defender of everything we conservatives believe in. He will do a tremendous job!” - Senator Hunter Hill


“Brant embodies proven conservative principles, a fine young man with conviction and vision. In the years I’ve known him, he’s been a consistent voice for the party. He has earned my wholehearted endorsement as 2nd Vice Chair!” - Monica Matthews

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